Each year Hill Country Women in Business recognizes one member within our organization with this prestigious award. The woman awarded this honor will have exercised a high standard of ethical and moral behavior as well as graciously volunteered her time to advance the mission of our group. 

The Woman of the Year award is based on the criteria below.

  • Member who has worked hard and graciously volunteered her time to advance the organization and its mission this year and/or in previous years. 
  • Must have served on the board or been on a committee either as chairman, co-chairman, or committee member this year and/or in previous years.
  • Have excellent attendance being involved and engaged both at membership meetings and outside regular meetings this year.
  • Not ever received the award before.


Guidelines 2018.pdf


2017 Janet Baker

2016 Laurie Broesche

2015 Bonnie Tom

2014 Madhu Chadha & Elaine Berringer

2013 Jackie Crouch

2012 Lucy Ziegler

2011 Cindy Ogle

2010 Kathy Hubbard

2009 Helene Bachmann

2008 Shari Keyes

2007 Carolyn Dutson

2006 Jeanne Buchanan & Leah Coyne

2005 Amy Anderson

2004 Sharon Tschirhart

2003 Beth Coyle & Patrice Davison

2002 Misty Thomas

2001 Bobbie French

2000 Gayle Eason

1999 Suzann Woodward

1998 Tenlee Lund, Sue McCrary & Elizabeth McRae, M.D.

1997 Cookie Edwards

1996 Carolyn Urban

1995 Marilyn O'Neil

1994 Debra Coward

1993 Jean Baggett & Ann Reissig

1992 Lori Hengel

1991 Marie Hicks

1990 Col. Bettie Edmonds

1989 Shirley  Wilson

1988 Carolyn Fosdick

1987 Ginny Thompson

Hill Country Women in Business is a 501(c)(6)

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