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Am I Crazy Loving What I Do?

17 Jul 2019 4:08 PM | Laurie Broesche (Administrator)

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Hi! I am Laurie Broesche and owner of NEXMOV a concierge move management company. 

Yes, I've been called crazy! 

Who in their right mind would want to have a job in the moving business? 

My journey to where I am at today began in 2010. I visited my parents that lived out of state and eight hours away. They live in the country with one t.v. and no cable.  After a couple of days, I needed to find something to do and thought cleaning out their storage shed would be nice gesture.  My parents were in their late 70's and they were slowing down.  I saw them struggling to keep up 50 acres, the dozen cows they had and just the overall maintenance of their home.  As I approached this task I saw quickly the easiest way to get all accomplished. Since everything over the years had just been piled here and there and the shed was full, I would purge everything to the outside of the building in sorted piles.  After a couple of hours, my mother comes out to check on things.  I was so excited to show her the three piles I had created.  I happily pointed to the keep, donate and the trash piles. She immediately gazed towards the trash pile which I had already cleverly filled up the back of the old farm truck with. As she began to pilfer through what I obviously thought was trash, she became stressed with throwing out these items.  The 1968 carpet cleaner with 2 worn out rotating discs on the bottom, a piece of rotten rope, Christmas decorations that mice had ruined, a variety of jelly & mayonnaise jars, plastic margarine tubs, luggage that clearly dry rotted, a 50 year old portable hair dryer, broken fishing poles and I could go on and on.  I mean, these things were so bad, even the most desperate charity organization would not want.  After showing her how the rope crumbled in my hands and the condition of the other items she still wanted to validate the waste of throwing them away.  Exhausted, angry and defeated, I replaced the keep and charity items back into the shed and due to darkness left the trash items in the back of the truck. I would deal with them the next morning.  To my surprise upon my arrival to the breakfast table my parents told me they both agreed to let me dispose of the items in back of the truck.  My mom even agreed to look through the pile of charity items.  This task was a bit daunting, but when my mom realized relinquishing these items to charity and they might bring joy to someone else, it really helped her to let go.   

This exercise with my own parents would change my life and plant the seed for my company, NEXMOV.  Now quickly approaching ten years in business, we specialize in offering one-stop, turn-key moving solutions. 

Our services include downsizing, sorting, organizing, room planning, packing, unpacking, decorating, moving company, computer set-up, shipping, storage, and home liquidation options such as estate sales, consignment, auction or charity.

I wake up each and every morning fulfilled that I have helped over 1000 individuals and families move from one home to another.  I am told often that the move experience with NEXMOV is nothing like moves in their past.  Having someone oversee every step of the process eliminated stress and made their move much more enjoyable.   

Our motto:  One Call. All Done!

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